We offer 5G Testing services for a variety of devices and configurations. Based on the Oxford Science Park, Oxford, UK, we have comprehensive range of Wireless and IP Network test equipment, reference 5G Base Stations (5G-SA and 5G-NSA) and access to a variety of 5G cores.

5G Interoperability Lab Testing Services

We can test:

  • 5G UE (User Equipment) CPE devices
  • 5G Base Stations
  • 5G Cores
  • 5G Applications

Test services

We can provide a range of 5G interoperability tests including:

  • Device connection to gNodeB
  • Device connection through to 5G core
  • Connection in different 5G bands (450MHz – 6GHz, FDD or TDD)
  • Connection in 5G-SA or 5G-NSA modes
  • Connection stability under load
  • Capacity testing (UL, DL, combined)
  • Application testing including HD video streaming

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